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You Can Do Yoga With Kittens In Ottawa And It's Actually Adorable

Sorry dog lovers, it's a cat lovers time to shine. 

Imagine being surrounded by purring kittens while finding your zen during yoga. No need to imagine now because you can actually live this dream in Ottawa. 

Feline Café is an adorable cafe here in Ottawa that just opened up this past summer. We've been waiting for a cat cafe for so long, and this one is even better than we could ever imagine. The cafe improves the lives of rescued cats that are up for adoption as well, while giving customers an amazing place to hang out and relax. I mean, they let you do yoga with kittens. What's better than that? 

Yoga with Cats is an event that happens on the first Sunday of every month. The class starts at 8 am, and from there you do a 45-minute rise and shine flow and then 15 minutes of yoga where the cats are allowed in. 

The yoga class is $26, which includes a tea or coffee and a donation to Furry Tales Cat Rescue. Honestly, what better way to start your Sunday?! The only thing you need to bring is your own yoga mat. To register in advance, you can go to their website.  

This is basically cat therapy, which is known for helping anxiety and stress. Feline Café is located at 1076 Wellington St W and for more information and updates, you can follow them on Facebook

 Source: Narcity. 

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