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Partnership Info

What is the subject of the partnership ? How do we work ?

We seek to partner with micro influencers who will provide us with product focused content. We ask that you feature our handbags on your feed and provide high quality images that we can use on our instagram feed as well.  

How many photos we need?

We need a total of 4 photos. Lifestyle content is what we request mostly but it isn't necessary to show your face in every picture. We can accept stylized images, for example a product placed on a table. 

Do we have any special requirements for the photos?

Our main requirement is that the product should be clearly visible. The photo needs to be in a good quality and with good light. 


How to become a Rheyaa Los Angeles Partner? 

We are working only with an officially established contract with our partners.

If you agree with our Terms and Conditions, please contact us via email: with the subject: "Partnership Agreement", sending  your first and last name so we can email you our photo release form. 

After returning the form you will order your preferred handbag designs via our website. You will receive a special micro influencer discount for 100% off. We will also send you the cost of shipping via Paypal. This process will allow us to easily streamline your shipments.


Where to send photos?

Once you receive a product, you will have until your assigned start date to create and post pictures. If you have any additional content you would like to submit you can email us at with the e-mail subject: “The RHEYAA LOS ANGELES Collaboration" + write your Instagram username. 

How long is the shipment?

Please note that due to Covid19 the shipment may take longer than normal, about 1 week. 


 If you have any other questions please write us to email:

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