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Shower Steamer/Bath Tea Assortment Box

Shower Steamer/Bath Tea Assortment Box

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Our Shower Steamer/Bath Tea Assortment Boxes include 12 shower steamers (1 of each scent) and 12 bath teas (12 different scents). 


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These bags are stunning! From your place of worship to the grocery store and everything in between. Great variety of designs, colors and very well made. I’ve purchased 4 so far.

Jacqueline McLeod-Cooper

I love my bag! Its classic, but it doesn't compromise style. The gun-metal chain detail on the handle is gorgeous. Totally recommend!

Roni Cleveland

A wonderful and versatile bag. Stylish and well made. I own 2 and going for 3 soon.

Jennifer Wallace

I simply love my bag! The fact that it has a quality, conservative & classy look with a nice durable leather handle is great!

Alicia Richardson

I adore the versatility in each bag as well as their selective variety of styles in bags.

Niesha Jackson
Woman Owned
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